Aftershock iPad 7/8/9 Case

A new sleek & slim design. Clear back for asset tags. Easy to install iPads. We designed the AfterShock to be a new style stand that we want to say “Stand folds, doesn’t break”. However, if something ever does happen then the stand is easily removable. The stand is also completely clear for easy reading of asset tags and stickers.

The AfterShock has cushioning ribs for the most shock absorbtion, in a slimmer profile. The inside ribs create air pockets that minimize the impact from extreme drops and shocks and also give the added benefit of channeling the sound to the front for better audio clarity. The power and volume buttons were designed for great response.

Available for iPad 7/8/9 and older generation
including iPad 5/6 and some past generations.

Purchase Orders from schools are accepted.

School ordering in bulk can request
Sample Case here